Thursday, July 21, 2011



I have love for loafers i own a couple myself and Kanye west my favourite male fashionista has been spotted by et moi wearing a couple of suede ones and i think he looks absoultely handsome in them especially in his all blck outfits it just looks perfect. Kanye west teamed up with the designer Stubbs and Wootton,  his shoe line which apparently is supposed to debut in November this year. Stubbs and Wootton have teamed up with the man himself  Marc Jacobs.


Heres some pictures:


Here's some picutres of the shoes and celeb's wearing them ENJOY my loves x

                                                            They look HOT
                                               I WANT THEM ! KILLER STUDS !!!!

                                          SWISS BEATZ !

                                                OH NA NA ! RIHANNA AND HER LOUBS !
                                           LALA VASQUEZ AND KANYE
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