Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Out And About

Hey Dolls, lets check out what celeb's have been wearing,and i'll give tips along the way ... Lets Go :) 

I like the ouyfit but Alicia should get of her shell and try some colour she's getting really boring with her outfits she always wearing black .. Hire a stylist

I like this outfit she's dressed down but her loafers put it all together ... Their's no secret angela knows how to put her outfits together
I'm not a big fan of this outfit but the fact she wore it for a show she was hosting was acceptional but i think its too much with the necklace
Alesha Dixon looks cute and quirky i like the pink skirt, the embelished shirt is perfect for an outfit like this ... if you wanted to change it up you could add black heels and black tights 

Michelle Obama's metalic blue dress looks so elegant and classy love it

 Emily B is bringing valentine's day a little bit early but she looks super sexy in this dress , i love the way the belt sits on her waist it complements the outfit really well... this sort of outfit is perfect for a valentines dinner

 Kelly Rowland looks flawless in this dress i like the way she added a pop of colour and added gold accessries its simple but kelly pulled it off really well

 The minute i saw this picture i was like OMG monica's shoes ..yikes!! monica added a pop of neon yellow into this outfit it didn't look tacky at all i love it .. she's wearing this season's colour with class

One of the Glee cast looks super cute in her lilac dress
Rachel Roy what can i say this woman pulls off blouses like she was born to do it ... seriously i love this look
 Toya looks so grungy and girly in outfit , love the daisy duke shorts and the versace embelished cardigan i want it .. super cute outfit

Kimmy cakes may i have your high thigh boots? ... this is a cute dressed down outfit ... Ladies take notes!

 I have to say im not a fan of pink but Tulisa pulled this dress off 

Mary J Blige looking simply sexy

I love Toya's Stella McCartney Polka Dot Dress

Little Mix looking as cute as usual
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