Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out And About

Hey Dolls, hope you all had a great weekend it's time to do what i do best and thats giving you an insight of celeb's that are looking hot and who's looking a hot mess ... Lets Go 

 Wiz Khalifa has changed up his style i really like it matches up to Amber's ! Checkout her Neon shoes and her choker loves it !!

 Oh no Angela what are you doing, i don't like the outfit but i love this body chain i would have prefered if she had worn this on a different outfit or something 5

Beyonce was out looking cute in her pastel outfit topped with Charlotte Olympia leopard print loafers ..
Brandy stepped out looking very Urban and chick love the way she added the fur gillet to it 

Kimora was stopped out wearing this season's hottest trend which is Neon Kimora is working it !!

 Ashanti is wearing too much in one outfit .. Less is MORE !!!
 Cassie killed it during Paris fashion week i like this Givenchy T-shirt super cute .. I'm loving this outfit 

 Jennifer how can i hate this outfit .. super cute i love the detailed one shoulder top

 June Ambrose looks AMAZING im in love with this dress ... Can't wait for her new show to start

Kanye looks like an angel in this White Givenchy Jumper , he topped them with leather pants i totally love this outfit

 Kimmy kakes in Kanye west' collection from head to toe she killed this outfit with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti's im in love !!

Megan Fox looks glamorous in this embelished nude dress

Rita Ora is wearing a tonne of stuff all together but i love it , its a total mash up !!

 I wasn't too sure about Adrienne's outfit but she pulled it together with the denim and brown lethered skirt, the turban was the secret piece to this outfit
 Alexandra Timberland boots like seriously ... You can't be pulling a Rihanna here !!

I'm not a fan of this outfit i just don't get it she could have done something different with it especially the shorts, she destroyed this outfit with those ridiculous boots 
 Kimmy's wearing a hot mint blazer , she kept it simple i really love this colour for this spring

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