Sunday, May 4, 2014

What I've Been Wearing

Hello Everyone
As you all know I'm always M.I.A. on the blog but doesn't mean I'll stop quirking it up when I go out I made this post based on a couple of outfits I've worn recently , the pictures will be down below.

Suit Dress 
I was heading out too dinner for my friends birthday I've had this dress sitting in my wardrobe for a while and I was waiting for the right event to wear this dress, I thought it was perfect for dinner. 
A bit of red lippy and I was ready to go !! 
Dress - River Island 
Necklace - River Island 
Shoes - Zara 

2. Green Glitter 

I wore this dress for my little sister's surprise birthday dinner , I wanted to wear this dress again because I have this terrible habit of wearing clothes on and not wearing them again so I decided to wear this particular dress again it was totally perfect for the occasion I just added my gold sandals and I was ready to paint the town red ! 

Dress : New Look 
Shoes : River Island 

3.All Black And Mesh 

This outfit is very daring it's not for everyone , fashion has no limits that's why I don't mind making mistakes or wear whatever I want I still try and keep it classy and simple 
 Top: Zara 
Skirt : H&M 

4. Rust 

This is one of my favourite dresses I love the colour and length of the dress it's super sexy it shows all my curves the colour looks gorgeous on my skin tone ... I thought gold accessories worked best with this dress 

Dress : 
Shoes: River Island 

5. Think Pink 

I wore this all pink outfit to my best friends baby shower , the theme was pink for obvious reasons ... I wore different shades of pink I'm so proud of myself I managed to pull it off because I could have gone out looking like a flamingo lol this fluffy pink jumper is coming back out during fall 

Jumper : River Island 
Trousers : River Island 
Shoes : Zara 

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