Sunday, November 27, 2016


 Hi Quirks ,

FYI : I do apologise with the poor quality of my photographs with this current post.
Back to this post I thought I should touch base on other things rather than glitz and glam outfits but I must say you can do both whilst being causal.

1. I was currently in London at the beginning of the year it was super cold! I wasn't in the mood to be super glam plus I was going out for brunch. I quickly threw this one and BOOM !! out the door.

Jeans - Topshop
Bomber - NewLook
Sneakers - Office ( Nike)
Polo - Primark (Penny's)


I'm seriously obsessed with my Adiddas originals they go with everything trust ME !! I was feeling cute in my basic outfit thought I should post it but its perfect to wear to the cinema or a quick shopping trip. But the trick to an outfit like this is to always to add something Quirky to it such as my semi-distressed jeans and my sheer cotton long sleeve top. Enjoy x

Top - Zara
Jeans - River Island
Sneakers - Adiddas

3. Gotta love a black denim jean you can never go wrong, I'm a total sucker for outfits like these slipped with strappy heels. My go to date night outfit most times I get confused on what to wear.

4. I've got a soft spot for khaki especially during this time of year, I felt this outfit was so casual when  I put it on paired it with my strappy heels feel in love with it straight away. Just shows you don't need to go through many lengths in order to get the perfect fit.

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