Friday, December 16, 2016


Hi Everyone 

I can't stand the cold weather like I don't think I'll ever get used to it I would do anything to be on the beach drinking cocktails and reading books, despite the fact I always complain about the weather I love playing around with winter looks during the summer you can be quite limited at times but I feel like I can play around more with it when I'm on holidays. I've explained in my previous posts that I've been wanting to switch up my style and be a lot more unique , this outfit may look so simple but wearing knee high boots over a longline skirt doesn't always work for everyone. 
I wasn't keen on the boots because I was opting to wear strappy heels but it just looked odd plus it was freezing that evening the boots looked way nicer, it worked well with the look I was going for.
I hope you enjoyed this post feel free to comment no things you would like to see.

 * I can't seem to find a links that are similar to the items I have worn once I do will link them down below 

Skirt - Asos (Old)
Bodysuit - Missguided
Boots - Zara ( Old)

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