Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hello Everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed my previous posts.
 I'm working on numerous posts which won't be up till the new year I want my blog to feature numerous things but its going to be mainly based on fashion. Being a blogger isn't the easiest thing at all I've recently learned to be comfortable in my own skin no matter if I've gained weight or lost weight, I should be able to work with both and embrace it without being so judgemental. Regarding blogging I had lost a lot of motivation to Blog due to my working schedule and still trying to finish up with my education , I also felt as if every one is bringing out the same content and the whole Blog thing didn't seem interesting with the support and encouraging words from people including my friends and family has taught me that if you enjoy doing something just do it no matter what ! And be HELLA Good AT IT !!!

Now back to the post since its winter time and its really cold I guess its time to switch it up and make A/W Looks a bit more sexier and simple , my over the knee boots have been itching to come out and play plus they are so on-trend for this season they can be paired with jeans or worn with an oversized T-shirt/ Jumper. The fact you can play around with over the knee boots and make them look so classy , high-fashion and unique. But it can easily look trashy so ladies be careful if you decide on wearing shorts with them I would recommend pairing them with an oversized blouse, shirt ( string t-shirt can be worn underneath the shirt). I decided to pair mine with a leather skirt initialy I was thinking of wearing a black Polo neck jumper which just seemed to be my go to style, I'm trying to switch up my style and think of the box , my khaki shirt worked perfect it my neck line seemed so bare I knew what was missing a choker. Chokers have been the missing piece to an outfit , they add a major difference to every outfit which is great just shows you that its not compulsory for you too add so much in order to make it look good.I'm all for the glam but being minimal at times just changes everything.

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