Wednesday, December 14, 2016



Hi Quirks ,

I was recently in Paris for my friends birthday perfect excuse to travel , I've been so eager to visit Paris what isn't their to love about this beautiful city. Its absolutely magical definitely , I can understand why people love it so much  here, the atmosphere the lovely buildings, museums and most of all the FOOD !!!! I ate so much churros I can't explain how delicious they were Yummm Yummm. Unfortunately I couldn't do a lot of sight-seeing as I was only away for the weekend, planning on visiting again next year. I would definitely recommend as a good city break , make sure to pack a lot of warm clothing super cold.I would recommend on having a list of things to do before hand, just makes your time planning a lot less stressful.



 I over-packed as per usual for this trip my friends had warned me about the weather because I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what to pack, but I decided on wearing a bomber jacket but definitely wear warm clothing underneath but walking around exploring the city will keep you warm and drinking yummy hot chocolates. Comfortable shoes were a MUST !! a LOT of walking and getting lost in the Metro was something I experienced during my trip lol. The nightlife in Paris was so interesting their love for Music is insane, I loved the fact they embraced different genres of music worldwide. My choice of outfits were very simple during this trip I didn't want to wear anything fussy because I just wanted to explore and really enjoy my time there.






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