Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping well.

Sorry for the shortage in posts the Irish weather isn't just on my side when it comes to days I plan on taking photographs for my blog.But I've managed to now thank god , I'm currently fasting for Ramadan , which is going good. Fast forward to this outfit I was invited to a kids birthday party unaware of what to wear I've had this blazer for years I wore it twice ever since then its been living in wardrobe ever since then, I'm trying not to buy as much even though I do but I've given myself a task by wearing what I have than spending money on a whole new outfit (lies lies lies).
Blazers seem to be back on trend this year I was like why not make the most out of it , I got this blazer when I used to work in New Look the discounts were to die for literally spent all my wages on clothes funny enough I've managed to keep some pieces till now. Red is a colour I normally wouldn't go for mainly because it's such an eye catching that you feel the need to make sure your outfit is on point. My blazer was paired with simple knee cut jeans and a black camisole to be quiet frank I was unsure of what colour shoes to pair them with black just seemed to typical of me my red Louboutins were calling my name I just paired it with them.

The moral behind this post is just go with your gut no matter what , being safe all the time becomes boring I normally wouldn't wear red heels and blazer I think its too much too out there by toning down your outfit allows you to make it co-ordinate with each other. This may not be everyones cup of tea but personally it worked for me I'm becoming more playful with trying more colours than my usual all black outfits.Sometimes you just need to dare yourself into something that's comfortable for you but lets you showoff your curves and play around with your style.Fingers crossed the weather is on my side in the next coming weeks , I'm determined to get at least one blog post up on the blog.

 BLAZER - New Look
Jeans- River Island 
Sandals - Christian Louboutin 
Camisole - Boohoo 

*all these items are old I will try to look for alternatives*


Sunday, April 23, 2017


Hi Everyone ,

I hope all my readers are well.
Yes I've vanished once again I do apologise but it's just been a lot of things on top of each other honestly , they don't give you manuals when your an adult especially when your doing it alone. I haven't been confident at all lately I've gained weight which hasn't allowed me to explore my true style or even play around with different looks. But I've challenged myself to try different styles that I feel comfortable in and also that cover up areas I don't like which is my arms and tummy area. I've changed my diet so it's going well taking it one step at a time. I didn't realise stress really changes you mentally and sometimes physically without knowing it. One must always take care of themselves just taking that time out too get some extra sleep going for a pedi just anything !!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

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