Thursday, January 12, 2017


 Happy New Year Lovelies ! 

I know right 2016 flew by so quickly. I thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't reflect on 2016 , honestly speaking it was one of the most toughest years I've ever encountered like literally most things didn't go my way , but as they say good things comes to those who wait. Most times I gave up thinking why am I in this position , just to find out I have something better in store for me. But throughout the journey I learned a lot about myself , its not everyone that can handle situations and rise above it I have my days thanks to my lovely mum and friends calming me down. I didn't reach all goals but I can say last year was better than the year before each year gets better and better. I'm an absolute perfectionist I expect things to happen at a certain time which isn't possible so I've learned to take whats given to me and observe it within time than neglecting it straight away. 

 I decided to make this little collage of all my favourite moments and outfits of 2016 some were from my travels , I was lucky enough to travel to a few destinations on my bucket list last year I love love travelling if travelling was an occupation I would have been a millionaire by now. Cancun was one of highlights this year , Mexico is absolutely beautiful the food ,atmosphere, people and weather was just amazing I totally recommend it to you all perfect girls holiday or a romantic getaway. I have a few places I want to visit this year but I have so many picked I think I'm becoming greedy plus I want to focus on a lot of things this New Year but I will definitely fit a holiday in somewhere. I believe if you work really hard a holiday is a great way to reflect and see how good you've worked and lucky you are to witness another side to the world , when I get home from a holiday I get motivated to work extra hard. I definitely want to build my travel content on my blog this year and also include a few more things definitely not beauty I just can't !

 I definitely want to focus on getting a lot more slimmer this has been one reason why I haven't been blogging I just feel some of my outfits were just not as flattering on as when I was a lot slimmer at the beginning of the year. But my weight gain was mainly because of stress and not caring about what I ate , I eat my emotions if that makes sense which is bad but now I'm focused because I want to live a healthier lifestyle and make the right food choices. I'm getting older now anything I do wrong now will definitely come to play later so why not avoid it now , if anyone has any diet suggestions please let me know. I won't be documenting my journey or anything I feel different things work's for everyone but if anyone has questions along the way I will definitely share them. Hopefully this is the year I get the summer body I want.

 2016 has made realise that what you want doesn't come to you ! You go for what you want if not someone else will and you think to yourself why didn't I do it then but its never to start over or do what you've been planning to do for years. This is so me Queen of over - thinking and procrastination which is just the worst trait tis something I'm working on sometimes its just fear and overthinking about the outcome this is where negative thinking comes into play and listening to other peoples opinions. I've learned to Run My Own race and hope for the best and be guided onto the right path.

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