Sunday, April 23, 2017


Hi Everyone ,

I hope all my readers are well.
Yes I've vanished once again I do apologise but it's just been a lot of things on top of each other honestly , they don't give you manuals when your an adult especially when your doing it alone. I haven't been confident at all lately I've gained weight which hasn't allowed me to explore my true style or even play around with different looks. But I've challenged myself to try different styles that I feel comfortable in and also that cover up areas I don't like which is my arms and tummy area. I've changed my diet so it's going well taking it one step at a time. I didn't realise stress really changes you mentally and sometimes physically without knowing it. One must always take care of themselves just taking that time out too get some extra sleep going for a pedi just anything !!

 Let's talk about this outfit I've been dying to wear for ages !!! I've had these Gucci Princetown mules for a while I have so many looks I want to wear them with because I absolutely love them, so so comfortable and easy to wear I have sweaty feet which causes it to shift back but I put insoles in them so they're fine now. I was away in London to see my friends and family I've missed them so much it was just perfect timing to go and see them and shake a leg or two. Weather was warm enough to  wear a jumper which was amazing , my lovely Zara jumper complimented my jeans which worked perfectly. I'm still trying to hide underneath oversized clothing but not to baggy it can give your body the wrong shape and make your outfit look completely wrong none wants that.

 I was just wanted to look glam but very cool and simple mules aren't everyone's thing right now which is okay , you could always go for a pair of converse or vans even some cream or brown loafers. I just wanted something different to what I would normally wear it's quiet hard especially when you go shopping you find cute outfits once you try them on your problem areas just start to show just puts me off shopping completely and just wait until your at that right size to wear different types of clothing it shouldn't be the case at all. One must always alternate their looks no matter their size which is what I've done, and feel good while at it. I've added a few close ups of the bottom half of my outfit too make it a bit clearer I will a few links or alternatives to the outfits the mules might not be everyone's price point but I will add similar ones to it.

Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Mules - EgoOfficial

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