Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hello Everyone.

Ramadan is over I feel so blessed , sometimes we forget how blessed we are at times that you need to sit back and just appreciate it all. I was looking a hot mess while I was fasting however the weather has been really nice in Ireland honestly I'm not complaining but its very very humid. I haven't been out in a while plus I had a few pieces that were due for some wearing. 

I was heading to a BBQ event and I was in two minds on what to wear because theres no particular way to dress plus my hair made it a bit difficult to find the right outfit to wear, I was certain that I wanted to wear my Zara kimono which has been quiet popular you can wear it in so many ways it's definitely a great piece to have in your wardrobe during the summer , for me I usually wear it to hide my problem areas which makes me comfortable. You could also pair them with some jeans and camisole , I'll definitely be wearing it again so don't judge me ! 

Due to the fact that it consists of so many colours I knew I wanted to wear white and gold with it ,just to keep it neutral adding colour to it seemed a bit too much for me which may distract the prints on the Kimono. As they say when the ''sun's out bring the leg's out'' I decided to pair my kimono with my white Boohoo midi dress topped with my nude strappy heels. I love keeping my outfits simple by also adding statement pieces to make it stand out without doing too much with it , reason why I added a statement necklace to it. 

I love this outfit so much I won't call it my favourite just yet but it's definitely something different to what I would normally wear , going outside my comfort zone is something I'm really enjoying and fun. I'm not the biggest fan of kimono's but that's definitely changed now it's an item each woman should have there's so many styles of kimono's you can wear to suit your shape/ height. I actually wish I got the matching trousers but I was worried it may be a bit too much going on plus it's on sale now I doubt I'll find them.
I hope you all enjoy this post as much I enjoyed writing it.

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